“Your Trusted Source for any Commercial and Residential Appraisals”

We have been in business for over 20 years with over 11 well experienced commercial and residential appraisers to help our clients. We work with majority of all banks and big Law Firms. One of the best parts about using our services is that our turnaround time 48 hours for almost all our appraisals. We’re an independent appraisal company focuses on providing the highest quality and services to all our clients form small to large properties. Our team of residential and commercial appraisal specialists is experienced in all types of valuation and consulting assignments including: Commercial, residential, multi-family, condominium, REO/foreclosure, and high-value/complex appraisals. We have the capacity to perform portfolio assignments as we also have experience in both primary and secondary national markets. It’s our duty to provide the best level of appraisal for all our clients as we love what we do. We are here for you with a moments of time appointment so we can schedule an appraisal for you.


As a company that provides appraisals to residential and commercial properties, we provide the proper valuation to your property. We want our clients to trust us with their appraisal needs, as we provide concierge level of services with our professional appraisers and our detailed reports to our clients. As we are licensed professionals, we take great pride in what we do and the service quality that we provide.

At the United Appraisal Group, we understand that our clients have a timeline to meet to provide their appraisal report to the other party involved in the property. Hence, we have strive hard to cultivate a team of professionals registered under the Appraisal Institute of California. Apart from that our extensive and diverse experience helps us provide an reliable and true appraisal to serve private organizations, finance, and legal firms, and property owners in California.

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